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Art means that artist can express their emotions and their unique perspective of the objective world. At this point, art usually is not limited by any individual form. According to Tommy Simpson, “In each work of art the artist ‘puzzles together’ the his personal and cultural references into a signature blend of joyfulness and subtle commentary.” It could be painting, sculpturing and jewelry design and so on. “Your paintings looks excellent, why did you switch your major to jewelry design?” many people asked me. Actually, I want to try different ways to make my artworks. For example, I can recall my past experience clearly when I gazed my artworks. It’s a cross space-time conversation between nowadays me and my childhood. 
My artworks transcend craftsmanship, fine art, and whimsy. In other words, I’m a fantast. When I was child, I couldn’t draw very delicate lines on my sketchbook with sophisticate skills. However, I could discover more fascinating things. Such as, when I portrayed, I was more interested in the changing on their faces. Ever more, I usually paid more attention on the color and the lighting changing when I painted the landscape outdoor. To be honest, I hope to keep this kind of innocent child perspective in my whole life. Such as, why the princess and the prince always have a happy ending? Why doesn’t she stays with the dwarfs or the old witch and have a happy life? 
Nonetheless, my jewelry works shouldn’t be like conventional fashion design. They should be more modern and amusing, cause they are surrealism artworks. Moreover, I would like to explore this children fantasy concept with mix media. I’d like use different materials into my artworks, especially the soldered and etched metals.

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